Inglañol and Unusual Words and Phrases


- acusaciones infundadas = unfounded accusations
- adios = goodbye
- alianza = alliance
- alte-zeide = great-grandfather (Yiddish)
- amigo = friend
- antipasto = cold appetizer (Italian)
- anunciador de radio = radio announcer (easily understood synthesized voice).
- asunto secreto = secret affair
- aromarama = aromatic fog machine (with laser-projected animated image).
- atlético = athletic


- barbas grises = graybeards. Barbas Grieses, a major character, is the pseudonym for one of Stephanie's "long-toothed graybeards" at the TBI.
- bombardeos del suicidio = suicide bombers


- caliente y húmedo = hot and humid (weather).
- carne roja = red meat (as in main topic of interest).
- Castellano medieval = medieval Catalán (ancient Spanish language).
- celi = celebration of life (electronic shrine, includes aromarama and computer-controlled display devices.)
- CentAsia, CentAsian = Central Asia, people from that area of the world
- chai = Good luck (Hebrew – literally Chet Yud, the number eighteen, according to Hebrew Gematria).
- chimera = cells with diverse DNA living as part of a single organism.
- chudodei = wizard (Russian)
- chutzpah = nerve, audacity (Hebrew)
- codip = control and display panel for interaction with electronic displays.
- competición = competition
- comprendo español y inglañol = I understand Spanish and Inglañol.
- confianza = confidence
- conservadores fiscales = fiscal conservatives
- contra-terror = anti-terror
- conversación video = video conversation


- dentado = toothed, as in "long-toothed." Dentado, called Dena, is the pseudonym of one of Stephanie's "long-toothed graybeards" at the TBI.
- Diega = Latinized form of Jamie, Stephanie's daughter whose father she originally claimed was Jim.
- Diego = Latinized form of James (Jim)
- dingleberry = Incompetent person, hanger-on (literally fecal matter adhering to anal hairs).


- EastAsia, EastAsian = East Asia and people from that area of the world.
- económico = economical
- el más caliente = hottest (as in most sexy)
- el más grande = the largest
- el resto de la historia =the rest of the story
- en persona = in person
- en un momento = in a moment
- espacio exterior = outer space, transgalactic
- especialmente = especially
- Estephania = Latinized form of "Stephanie."
- estímulo sexual = sexual stimulation
- excelente = excellent


- fe y razón = faith and reason
- felicitaciones = congratulations
- flatitude = flat platitude, trite and not even true. (Platitude derives from the French “flat”.)
- forma perfecta = perfect form
- fresco = cool (as in great or excellent).


- gracias = thank you
- Gringoñal = derisive term for Inglañol


- hasta la vista, baby = see you later, baby (veiled threat of future vengeful return).
- hola = hello, hi


- Inglañol - English peppered with Spanish words (normal conversational language in NortAmer ca 2050).
- integridad académica = academic integrity



- Ku-Ku Lu-Ke = Kookie Luke. (Implying that Luke Mathews, a traditional Christian, is craxy due to his unusual religiosas beliefs.)


- La Reyna Abeja = The Queen Bee, pseudonym assumed by Stephanie while on the Israeli adventure.
- lambada = sensuous Afro-Brazilian dance of love, refers to a particularly tight hug with leg and hip action.
- largo = long, as in "long-toothed." Largo is the pseudonym of one of Stephanie's "long-toothed graybeards" at the TBI.
- lección histórica de la filosofía = historical philosophy lesson
- locas = crazy
- Lucas = Latinized form of "Luke."


- máquina del tiempo = time machine (not literal time travel, refers to secret TABB project that modified the holy scriptures of a particular religion to moderate terrorist activities in the name of religion).
- macho = manly (in a sexual context).
- machismo = manliness (in a sexual context).
- más importante = more important, of greatest importance.
- mas rapido = but fast (literally ‘more rapid’).
- material importante = important material
- mazel tov = good luck or congratulations (Literally ‘good star’ in Hebrew).
- memorias culpables’ = faulty memories
- merkin = lesbian equivalent of gay man’s "beard" (Literally a pubic wig worn by a woman).
- método científico = scientific method
- mi amigos = my friends
- MidEast, MidEasterner = Middle East, people from that area of the world.
- mi palabra es mi enlace (bondo) = my word is my bond (enlace commonly Anglicized to bondo.)
- misiones del suicidio = suicide missions
- modo contrario = countermode
- mucho progreso = much progress
- muffing = common “four-letter” curse word, referring to oral sex.
- muy caliente = very hot (as in very sexy).
- muy fresco = very cool (as in very excellent).
- muy importante = very important


- ningún problema, (nolo problemo) = no problem (commonly altered to rhyme.)
- Ningún apuro para mí. = No problem for me. (Spanish)


- oposición = opposition


- P-Pill = purge pill (causes bowel evacuation within 20 minutes).
- PP-Pill = petite purple pill (prevents pregnancy and most venereal diseases).
- PID = Personal Identity Device (“voluntarily” carried by nearly everyone).
- PID query = Request for information on time and location records for some person.
- PID reader = Queries PIDs and takes video and other biometric readings and reports data to TBI. Endemic in virtually all public places worldwide.
- por favor = please
- por su = for your
- Preench Sahbaka = Major Character. Translating from Russian, would be "Prince Dog" or "Prince Boot."
- preparaciones iniciales = initial preparations
- presentaciones video = video presentations
- preservaciónista = highly skilled preservation technicians at DoHiMuTo who altered ancient historical documents while ostensibly preserving them.
- propósitos practices = practical purposes


- ¿Qué hace que usted le piensa puede lastimarme? = What makes you think you can hurt me? (Spanish)


- railrest = sleeplane concept applied to train travel.
- read-WINs = special WIN-connected glasses that provide access to the Internet and other personal computer and PDA-type services.
- religiosas locas = crazy religious
- religioso = religious (to an unreasonable extent)
- resolución especial = special resolution


- scepter = pen-like device carried by high TABB officials to document secret programs and authorize extra-legal activities.
- situación precaria = precarious situation
- sleeplane = sleep airplane (air travel where passengers are unconscious).
- sleepo = sleeping potion (injection that causes unconsciousness prior to sleeplane trip).
- sleepships = sleeplane concept applied to ship travel.
- SoutAmer, SoutAmerican = South America, people from that area of the world.


- TABB = Transnational Alliance for Better Business (TC governing body, supplanted UN).
- tam = flavorful taste (Yiddish)
- TBI = TABB Bureau of Investigation
- TC = Transnational Corporation
- totalmente =totally
- totalmente caliente = totally hot (as in sexy)
- totalmente confidente = totally confident
- trancap = transport capsule (used for passengers on sleeplane).
- Tsar Sahbaka = Major character. Translating from Russian, would be "King Dog" or King Boot."
- tzadic = righteous one, one of 36 living people for whose sake the world exists (Hebrew).


- un profesor de la Universidad = a university professor


- veracidad = veracity, truth


- wayko = wake-up potion (injection that wakes person from sleepo-induced unconsciousness).
- WIN = Worldwide Information Network (successor to the World Wide Web).



- Yitzchak bar Mats = Major character. "Yitzchak" as a first name wouuld be "Isaac," "Isadore," "Ira," or "Izzy". Translating from Hebrew, would be "Taunt, son of to Kill" –or– "Laugh, son of to Die for (as in be crazy about)."


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